Full Body Yoga CD Volume 3 - Power & Well Being

Full Body Yoga CD, Volume 3:
Power & Well Being

Run Time: 69 min.

Price: $10.95

Volume 3 CD contains the full audio recording of Full Body Yoga Volume 3 DVD. A powerful new set of Yoga poses and sequences are included in this CD to round out the series, & give you a complete Yoga practice. The following tracks are included. Click on a track to listen to a sample.

 1. Cross-Breath Kumbhaka Pranayama
 2, Standing Poses.
 3. Sun Salutations with Side Stretch & Triangle Poses.
 4. Pigeon Sequence & Head-to-Knee Twists.
 5. Shoulderstand Sequence & Leg Strengtheners.
 6. Full Body Self-Massage & Cool Down.
 7. 'Thread of Light' Visualization.

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